Arena Depixelization Project (ADP)

16 thoughts on “Arena Depixelization Project (ADP)

  1. Wow…. I just want to say that this is quite amazing. I’ve always been told that DOSBox games can’t be modded but this… I’m what you call fortunate. I grew up with elderscrolls. I was born in 1997 but I played Arena when I was 6 and I found that the game was so graphically unappealing that I had lost interest, and Daggerfall, while an improvement was still in thatt ballpark. I am astounded at this and I hope to find out when it is available.

  2. Is this something i can currently download? Is there anything else like this out there? I’m having a hard time playing because the game just…it meses with my eyes. the fps is so unsteady even after adjusting cycles…. bleh.

  3. How’s the project going as of now? I ran across this while looking up remasters of Arena and Daggerfall but this seems to be a pretty old project.

  4. unfortunate that i will be playing this game for the first time without these textures but i wish you and everyone who gets to enjoy them great fortune.

  5. This looks amazing! Just want to leave this comment here to say that, and to say that people like myself would still be interested in using this mod. Are you still developing it, by chance?

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