Screenshots – Arena Depixelization Project (Elderscrolls 1: Arena)

Oct 2014

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

Alpha 2013 style

Alpha verson  (only 1/3 of SET files done)

16 thoughts on “Screenshots – Arena Depixelization Project (Elderscrolls 1: Arena)

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  2. I was wondering if there was a way to make a 3rd person point of view. I am an RPer, and it helps lay out my story like im reading a book, to make me really connect with my character so I will stay with them throughout their adventures

    • Sorry, that would involve a whole lot more than editing textures. The actual game engine would have to be changed. The closest you could get it that inventory window that shows your character wearing the armor and holding the weapon he has equipped.

      • Shame. If only their was a way to convert all of the Arena .CIF files and such into the .exe files that morrowind uses and then using the TES construction set that comes with it, then retransfering the files when you were done. It seems more simple sounding, but it probably isn’t.

      • Sorry, that’s really more of an engine modding feature. It would be pretty complex too. You’d have to move the camera back, redo the magic and weapon attacks to originate from the character. On top of that, collision oddities and actual animations…it’s just not possible without a new engine (i.e. remake etc) and that’s not my thing. Maybe one day DaggerXL will expand into an ArenaXl but till then…

    • Hi,

      I wanted to know something about the progress concerning the Arena map editing. You seem to know the whole Arena Modding Community very well, so I thought, maybe you’ll know a little more than me.

      I ve tried to alter the maps of TES Arena, but unfortunately I couldn’t get behind the code. If you have found out something new, post ist here for everybody plz.

    • Holiday time and work slowed me down this last 2 weeks but I should be able to get rolling again this week. I’m not sure exactly when but want it to be as soon as possible. I will probably make my first release when all the wall and ground textures are finished (all the SET files and door IMG files). Then I’ll finish up the remaining IMG files (objects such as barrels, trees, etc).

  3. The Nexus now host files related to game (RPG preferably, still, it is “open”, as categories can be added).

    So, I am sure this will be quite welcome there when available.

    Just found it and yes, quite a great mod incoming.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’m not ready for a release but it’s good to know.

      I hope people enjoy it as I have literally been working on it for years (although there was significant gaps in there).

  4. I should be able to upload it over Nexus ?
    Since some week it has been “opened” to “any” game files (prefferably RPG, still, new categories can be added).

    In any cases, great mod, thanks !

  5. Hey there. I really like the work you’re doing. I’ve recently started learning how to edit textures in Arena and ran into an issue with the cell door in the starting dungeon. I could get the new texture loaded in but couldn’t maintain the transparent spaces, the game would replace the spaces with a black background. Could you possibly offer any advice or post a short guide? With how little knowledge there is out there on Arena, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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