Meet the Author

Hello, I’m Martin. I am an aspiring author. I am a US Air Force veteran and have retired to the beautiful state of Minnesota with my wonderful wife and last remaining son in the house (I have 3 total).  

I love (almost) all things nerdy including sci-fi, fantasy, both video and board games, outrageous comedy, and more. I dabble in many creative endeavors, hence the name “Art In Pinkerton” which is a play on my name obviously. I dedicated this website to all my passions, but focusing primarily on writing. I plan write in single and cross-genre science fiction, fantasy, horror and maybe (no promises) young adult. 

I also have an adult humor podcast with my bestie called Nerds and Normies and two YouTube channels: one for gaming called Martin Saves the Universe and the other for writing (a vlog and under construction) called I Dream of Electric Sheep


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