I should punch myself in the face

256 color limitation One of the tricky aspect of working with Arena textures is that they are only 256 colors AND that color information is indexed from a palette…

Time to clean up the mess

Begin again So, I’ve finally got my stuff together, life has settled down, and the mojo to get back to my projects. I have a lot to post on‚Ķ

Shh…just sneaking in a post

Took a self-imposed hiatus on personal hobbies (reading, modding, gaming, drawing, etc) until about fall of 2019. Real life is just very demanding right now and will let up…

The Prodigal Blogger returns

Oh SNAP So I’m back after my extended work “vacation”. The inevitable has happened, some of my files were lost. Almost a year’s worth of work on the Arena‚Ķ

The madness of Fate

What are they doing? Seriously, some one tell me. I mentioned Fate converts the textures added at install from PNG to DDS. This conversion happens upon the initial run…

No Fate but what you make

The inspiration This first picture shows the detail disparity between the building textures and most of the other ones. As I mentioned before, on a 4k monitor, most textures…

Just a quick snippet….

So little time I have been wanting to write my 2nd post on my Fate 4k texture experiment, but I haven’t had the time to get it all together.‚Ķ

Fate: The Tortured Texture

Technomancer Occasionally, I like to test out games on my 4k monitor to see how they look at such a high resolution (3184×2160). For some games, that impact is‚Ķ

The Magnificent Seven

Jiub has competition The first texture for my Borderland’s Morrowind experiment was Jiub. Jiub turned out merely OK. The lines were too thick and not well planned. Below you can‚Ķ

Experiments in Art Style

Art Concepts Since I have limited time to focus on leisurely activities, a lot of what I do with game art falls more into the “Proof of Concept” category.‚Ķ

Tablet 2.0

Upgrade Over a month ago, the pen for my trusty Wacom Bamboo tablet (see first post ever) broke. This was quite disheartening as I love having an art tablet…

Slow clicking…

Unlock Super busy in RL (real life) but I’m slugging away when I¬†can. I have 73 doors completed so far (about 2/3 of the total). It is quite a‚Ķ

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