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Ooh…Shiny keys

WARNING: Potentially boring technical stuff below. Oh and it’s probably unnecessarily long Whenever I’m feeling a lack of drive to work on a particular project, I tend to stray to something else till that motivation returns. Although I strive to stick to one project,… Continue Reading “Ooh…Shiny keys”

1 step forward 2 steps back…

Several years ago when I first started messing around with computer graphic art, I tested out visual concepts on a PC game called Morrowind (the third in the Elder Scrolls series¬†that Arena started)¬†. Although Morrowind was where I tested the waters, it was another… Continue Reading “1 step forward 2 steps back…”

Pixels….so many pixels

Project statuses Minecraft At request of my son, I had resumed working on PinkertonCraft, my Minecraft mod. Although almost all (99%) of the original game textures are complete, I don’t want to release till I complete the art for the mods my sons use.… Continue Reading “Pixels….so many pixels”

Surface Pro, PinkertonCraft, and Arena

First off, the Surface Pro has proven to be a great asset for me with my very busy schedule. I have been able to take advantage of downtime much more efficiently including when away from home. The device is great for artwork on the… Continue Reading “Surface Pro, PinkertonCraft, and Arena”

On the surface…

I have almost completed all of the original minecraft textures except the items. I have been using the website to edit the monster textures and only have the villagers and the end boss to go. What has greatly increased my speed is that… Continue Reading “On the surface…”

Minecraft and on….

Just when I was getting to an almost releasable state, Minecraft threw a curveball. Before all the block textures were on the same image file, but after a recent update they changed it to make every block have it’s own image. Although the developer… Continue Reading “Minecraft and on….”

Back in the saddle

Although I haven’t been on in some time, I have been busy with the Minecraft project I mentioned awhile back. I actually completed all of the Minecraft block textures and 1/3 of the monsters. On top of that, I’ve done quite a few mods… Continue Reading “Back in the saddle”

Busy week

Had quite a few things on the agenda this week. On top of that minecraft has finally descended upon the household. I spent more than a few hours installing all the various mods for my boys. I did find a little time to work… Continue Reading “Busy week”