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The madness of Fate

What are they doing? Seriously, some one tell me. I mentioned Fate converts the textures added at install from PNG to DDS. This conversion happens upon the initial run of the game, but also again if any of the converted textures go missing (which… Continue Reading “The madness of Fate”

No Fate but what you make

The inspiration This first picture shows the detail disparity between the building textures and most of the other ones. As I mentioned before, on a 4k monitor, most textures look great for being such an old game. However, the buildings look like crap. I… Continue Reading “No Fate but what you make”

Fate: The Tortured Texture

Technomancer Occasionally, I like to test out games on my 4k monitor to see how they look at such a high resolution (3184×2160). For some games, that impact is less than you would expect while others look surprisingly good. For example, Bethesda Gamebyro engine-based… Continue Reading “Fate: The Tortured Texture”