6 thoughts on “So easy you could do it at home

  1. Hello Martin,

    I once started a similar project like this for Arena, and was wondering if you would be intressted in some cooperation on the project ?
    Perhaps i can be of assistance and we could work together on the project instead of both doing the same seperately. Im sure you are a busy person as am i, but perhaps it could be worth discussing the options.

    You can contact me on the adress below or on the Nexus under Wesley762.
    Hope to hear for you, and thanks for making Arena playable with your mapping.txt 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  2. Dear Martin,

    I once started something like this on my own, and i was wondering how you stand towards a cooperation. In my opinion its off little use for 2 people to work on this on their own.
    So perhaps i can be off help in assisting you on this project.

    Especially with these tools its alot easier.
    hope to hear from you !

    Kind Regards,

    • So I’m not sure if I want to partner up. I’m am almost complete with what I intended to do (all walls, floors, ceilings and land) with literally 6 or 7 left. I had mused about doing the statics too (such as barrels, statues, signs, and whatnot) so that might be an area for you to work on. Let me know what you are thinking and I’ll see if I can make it work. It’s not an ego/selfish reason, I have limited free time so I have to pick and choose. The last collaboration I took part in, the other guy just stopped and he was the initiator.
      – Martin

      • Thanks for your Reply.

        This weekend i will try out the new tools you provided in a earlier post, and look into those statics.
        Now that i know what is done and isn’t done, i can start working on some area.

        To be honest if you wish to leave it at the grounds and walls, it does not need to be a cooperation really, i could simply work on the statics on my own if i have some free time.
        And perhaps in the future if i get something done we could add it to your work.
        What i would want to know is in what way you “depixel” the walls/floors etc so that i can try to match your work to make it look as 1 whole. would by awkward if i would do it in a slight other way and making it look off compared to your work.

        So perhaps you could send me some screenshots of before and after or a simple rule of thumb.
        Eitherway i will try to look into it this weekend and see what i can do with these new tools.

        I think i will start on the signs 🙂

        Kind Regards,

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