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I should punch myself in the face

256 color limitation One of the tricky aspect of working with Arena textures is that they are only 256 colors AND that color information is indexed from a palette file. That means the image doesn’t have the color info in the file, it has… Continue Reading “I should punch myself in the face”

Time to clean up the mess

Begin again So, I’ve finally got my stuff together, life has settled down, and the mojo to get back to my projects. I have a lot to post on other art projects I’ve done in the past (cough) couple years, but first, I figured… Continue Reading “Time to clean up the mess”

Shh…just sneaking in a post

Took a self-imposed hiatus on personal hobbies (reading, modding, gaming, drawing, etc) until about fall of 2019. Real life is just very demanding right now and will let up by then. I have not, and will not abandon ADP.  It’s my fave little project.… Continue Reading “Shh…just sneaking in a post”

Wait, the city is built from a crashed plane?!

The A to the D to the P First up, I have been moving along nicely with the art for the Arena Depixelization Project (a name only a nerd could love). Not only have I got more new stuff done, I have been revamping… Continue Reading “Wait, the city is built from a crashed plane?!”

Previously, on ArtInPinkerton Blog (dun dun!)

Pixels so sharp they will cut you For anyone who reads this blog (all 3 of you), it’s no secret that I favor a more cartoonish and abstract style when editing game artwork. With the Arena Depixelization Project (ADP), this was mostly a necessity… Continue Reading “Previously, on ArtInPinkerton Blog (dun dun!)”

Prodigal Blogger falls down well, not seen for months…again

WTF I meant this blog as a history of my art endeavors, not a graveyard. But I had this idea that I would wait till I finished the TES:Arena project before releasing my next post. So….about that. I didn’t finish ADP yet. I worked… Continue Reading “Prodigal Blogger falls down well, not seen for months…again”

The Prodigal Blogger returns

Oh SNAP So I’m back after my extended work “vacation”. The inevitable has happened, some of my files were lost. Almost a year’s worth of work on the Arena project. I spent the last 2 weeks scanning hard drives and every USB key I… Continue Reading “The Prodigal Blogger returns”

So easy you could do it at home

I had a couple people ask where to find the tools I’m using for the Arena Depixelization Project. So here are the links… Arena Modding Suite by Hallfiry and Arena Toolkit by Dysperia – Martin

Slow clicking…

Unlock Super busy in RL (real life) but I’m slugging away when I┬ácan. I have 73 doors completed so far (about 2/3 of the total). It is quite a pain coming up with so many unique doors based on the few variations Bethesda used… Continue Reading “Slow clicking…”

Rolling a critical failure

Windows to the soul Recently while playing around with “vanilla” (unaltered) Arena, I noticed that the windows turn on an off for day and night. I believe this is based on the window color being pure white. In quite a few of the SET… Continue Reading “Rolling a critical failure”