And now for something completely different

I recently decided to pursue being an author and am very excited by this new passion. With that, I will redesign my website to focus primarily on my misadventures in writing. However, the plan for now is to still keep room to highlight my more visual based art too. It just won’t be the front page material anymore. It is very possible that I move away from WordPress but am unsure where or what that new page will look like (structurally). However, the URL will stay the same.

I appreciate all who followed my very niche little art blog for all these years and warmly welcome you to stick around. If you prefer to not, that’s fine too, as I did kind of pull a switcheroo.

For anyone interested, I plan to write fiction, to include science fiction, fantasy and horror. I have a long way to go and a lot a practice to get in. You can expect at least some of it will have my trademark humor for silliness (it IS trademarked, right? no? OK copyright pending).

– Martin Pinkerton (Art In Pinkerton)

3 Comments on “And now for something completely different

  1. new reader of the blog, am here because of the Arena key remap you made, stayed just coz:
    I use an RSS reader so I don’t think I’ll be commenting very often, but somewhere, sometime, I’ll be here, maybe, some of the time

    good luck on your new ‘venture

  2. Read the last comment, thought to my self: “what a freak”.
    Turns out, it was me lol. i’m here, definitely, some of the time.

    Hope your writing is turning out well.

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