2023 update…so…yeah..it’s been a smidge

Peek-a-boo! I’m back and I have a ton of updates on the art side and just a few on the writing side. Lots of life changes slowed me down for a while. Though this might be a boring update, I’ve been gone long enough that it needs addressing. Sorry 😛


It’s about time for an update to this website for 2023. Let’s hope I can make the next post before another 2 years pass. Though, I would like to transition to another web service eventually, but I’m not sure when that will happen. I need to figure out how I want to organize all the posts and what kind of menu it will have. I’ll keep this URL though. I kind of dig it 😉

The idea is to make ArtInPinkerton.com the central hub for my various online activities and consolidate my nerdy world under one umbrella. Naturally, the key to “big plans” is the carry through and that can be the tricky part. A recent programming revelation has made me realize that the biggest barrier for me is the logistic preparations that have to take place before I get to do the thing I actually want to do. For example, I find WordPress clunky and the thought of having to wrangle it for when I write an entry often is enough to put me off.

Right now, I want this website to highlight my various artistic endeavors and hobbies. Off the top of my head, that will include:

  1. Writing and stories
  2. My YouTube channel Martin Saves the Universe (video game play and modding)
  3. Painting and miniatures
  4. Boardgaming
  5. Podcast (Nerds and Normies, no longer active)
  6. Technology
  7. Other

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