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Wait! I’m upscaling a 1993 game?! (Part 1)

Its more an obsession at this point I have a weakness for mucking around trying to create HD art packs for games. The bulk of them don’t get completed, partially for technical reasons, but sometimes because something else catches my eye. Others are technically… Continue Reading “Wait! I’m upscaling a 1993 game?! (Part 1)”

I’ll take door number 4

Doors A little slow this week but I have 35 of the IMG files done.  Even though several are repeats of the same image but a different name (one door is the same for 7 images), I am striving to make them different. Although… Continue Reading “I’ll take door number 4”

Houston…we have liftoff

Alpha status I have just finished the last SET file for TES1:ARENA. The SET files include the artwork for most walls and some floors in the game. With the completion of the the last one, ADP (Arena Depixelization Project) has reached Alpha status. Doors… Continue Reading “Houston…we have liftoff”

WASD?! Watch your mouth!

Moving in 1994 TES: Arena was made back in day when the WASD key combination for movement wasn’t used much (if at all) and most movement keys defaulted to the “arrow keys”. In addition, the ability to remap the keys in a game was fairly… Continue Reading “WASD?! Watch your mouth!”

A little bit of paint

This is a timelapse of me retexturing one of the Mage Guild exterior sets. This one stayed pretty close to the original and I liked how it turned out. I did later on decide to make the brick darker red for a more striking… Continue Reading “A little bit of paint”

Who’s steering this thing?

Planning One thing I noticed recently on my work w/ Arena is that I don’t really have much of a game plan other than “finish Wall SETS then IMGs”. Considering how much project management is part of my work, I found it odd that I… Continue Reading “Who’s steering this thing?”

Back in the saddle

Although I haven’t been on in some time, I have been busy with the Minecraft project I mentioned awhile back. I actually completed all of the Minecraft block textures and 1/3 of the monsters. On top of that, I’ve done quite a few mods… Continue Reading “Back in the saddle”

What the heck is muxing?

I spent a good chunk of my free time in the first 5 days of the week experimenting with the file data for Arena. I spent some time researching and trying to decode image files using a hex editor and the internet. Needless to… Continue Reading “What the heck is muxing?”

Still a ways to go

I have completed 33 of 184 image “SETS” in for Arena. Each set contains usually 2-5 “tiles”.  The sets are what is used to texture walls, floors, and ceilings. That’s cover all landscaping and buildings. That still leaves “IMG” image files. Those are static… Continue Reading “Still a ways to go”

Slow week

Didn’t get as much actual work done on my current project. But did make some headway organizing my previous efforts. Here are some results from my various projects (all in various states of completion).   Arena Depixelization Project More screenshots     DarkTone More screenshots… Continue Reading “Slow week”