What kind of ground is that?

Complete 5 more “set” images for Arena this week. Most of the images with set shapes structures (square windows, block patterns, etc) are fairly easy to plan out. They just take a little planning and footwork. However, there are quite a few that don’t have a distinct form. That’s because the resolution is so small that images such as sand and ground doesn’t really look like anything (when not in the game). I added the file name to all the files that were indistinct so that I can check them out in game and get an idea of what they are supposed to represent. After that I’ll figure out how to change the image. I did that for over 20 of the “sets”. Unfortunately, some hurricane preparation took most of my other free time.

Hopefully, Arena Modder will work with all image files by the time I run out of “set” files and the 1/2 of IMG files that do work.

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