Slow week

Didn’t get as much actual work done on my current project. But did make some headway organizing my previous efforts. Here are some results from my various projects (all in various states of completion).


Arena Depixelization Project



More screenshots




Exit to Forest

Exit to Forest

More screenshots




More Screenshots



Morrowind – Pinkerton’s Mod Renovation – Sea of Destiny

More screenshots



Morrowind – Pinkerton’s Mod Renovation – Dragon’s Perch

More screenshots



Early experimental runs at changing Morrowind Textures

More screenshots

2 thoughts on “Slow week

  1. Nice! I like the final shot with orange Morrowind structures – I think it shows how efficiently those environments were textured. The Darkstone project is also a really interesting look, I like it.

    Haven’t seen enough Arena to tell how drastically you have changed it, but I think it’s impressive you’re able to mod that game at all. 🙂

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