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Fate: The Tortured Texture

Technomancer Occasionally, I like to test out games on my 4k monitor to see how they look at such a high resolution (3184×2160). For some games, that impact is less than you would expect while others look surprisingly good. For example, Bethesda Gamebyro engine-based… Continue Reading “Fate: The Tortured Texture”

The Magnificent Seven

Jiub has competition The first texture for my Borderland’s Morrowind experiment was Jiub. Jiub turned out merely OK. The lines were too thick and not well planned. Below you can see the other six textures I did for the original “vanilla” Morrowind head meshes.   Evolution… Continue Reading “The Magnificent Seven”

Experiments in Art Style

Art Concepts Since I have limited time to focus on leisurely activities, a lot of what I do with game art falls more into the “Proof of Concept” category. I have an idea about what would be an interesting visual change for me and… Continue Reading “Experiments in Art Style”

Witness this fully operational Battle…errr…Art Station

Tech Nirvana The same week I got my new art tablet, I had finally overclocked my computer and received my Oculus Rift in the mail. It’s not too hard to imagine that it was more of a Tech In Pinkerton than an Art In… Continue Reading “Witness this fully operational Battle…errr…Art Station”

Tablet 2.0

Upgrade Over a month ago, the pen for my trusty Wacom Bamboo tablet (see first post ever) broke. This was quite disheartening as I love having an art tablet and it was hard to be motivated without it. After much research and reflection, I… Continue Reading “Tablet 2.0”

Slow clicking…

Unlock Super busy in RL (real life) but I’m slugging away when I┬ácan. I have 73 doors completed so far (about 2/3 of the total). It is quite a pain coming up with so many unique doors based on the few variations Bethesda used… Continue Reading “Slow clicking…”