Icy walls of bleh

A little before and after pictures. There are a total of 5 ICE dungeon texture SETS. As you can see in the below images, they are mostly just recolored variants with different symbols. SIDENOTE: I presume they are Daedric symbols commonly seen in later games.

Here are three of the originals….

It took a bit to decide how much different, I wanted each to be. Ultimately, I just decided on to make them vary enough so that they would have their own appeal but maintain the overall theme. I haven’t seen these dungeons in game yet (never played far enough I presume). Once I complete all the SET files, I will do a test run through the game to see if I can find them (and others).

And the same there afterward…

3 thoughts on “Icy walls of bleh

    • So do you think it’d be better to change them to Daedric so that they match better with the later games? It’d be pretty easy, I’d just look up the font select ones that seem to fit the “on a wall of the dungeon” motif.

      • No, I wouldn’t try to give Arena what it wasn’t meant to have. The Deadric theme wasn’t developed (enough) by that time and I don’t know in what context these runes appear in the game. If it’s for example dungeons in Skyrim, it would fit pretty well (even though, I don’t think it is even remotely part of the later lore, since Nords used Cuneiform, not runes).
        So, I suggest letting them stand there as memorial to The Elder Scrolls’ early history and accepting them as symbols of obscure meaning in the game universe.

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