Polka dot shirts with checkered pants


One item that bothered me was that the interface elements didn’t really match. It seemed as each screen had it’s own style, particularly when you compare the “esc” menu and the inventory. Once I knew I could edit the inventory backgrounds, I wanted to make it match the other screens. However, I discovered that they use different palettes and I couldn’t find the right color that was on both palettes.

Inventory screen (original)

Inventory screen (original)

ESC menu (original)

ESC menu (original)


I ultimately had to settle on as close as a match as I could get. Additionally, I tried to port over a few of the stylistic elements of the ESC menu into the other GUI elements to tie them together better.

– Martin

Dark green is as good as it gets

Dark green is as good as it gets

I used an alternate (unused inventory graphic) and tweaked it to add a little more character

I used an alternate (unused inventory graphic) and tweaked it to add a little more character

ESC menu (redone)

ESC menu (redone)



8 thoughts on “Polka dot shirts with checkered pants

  1. Hi, i saw that you got difficulties to adjust button and inventory window color. Don’t forget that BSATool can permit you to view the color palette too. Then you can find easily which color you want to use or change in various graphic. Also i am pretty sure that all these IMG use CHARSHT.COL

    • Yeah, it was a little bit of a learning process. GIMP has a palette tool and about half way through I remembered to use it. Either way, the colors I wanted to match from OP.IMG (the ESC menu), didn’t exist in the CHARSHT.COL palette. Overall, it’s still a work in progress.

      • Well it is fine with me but I am afraid arena will still load this image with CHARSHT.COL and then you could not get the results you want. When a full screen IMG with an integrated palette is loaded, often all next IMG have no palette integrated because arena simply keep the one it loaded. That’s why a lot of IMG have no palette and then their color depend on where they are loaded in game.

      • GIMP loads the correct palette colors. Since I’m not loading a palette file, I have to assume that your program is adding the palette info to the PNG when it converts the IMG/SET files. As long as I use the palette tool in GIMP and don’t stray from the 256 colors listed, it looks exactly as I intended in game. I had hoped to match all GUI element colors exactly but the colors I wanted don’t exist in both palettes (PAL.COL and CHARSHT.COL), so I picked the most pleasing alternate to me. Also, I plan to highlight your tool in the next post or two (I’m very grateful for all you and Hallfiry have done).

  2. Well with png from BSATool yes you should never have any problem if you stick to the color existing. I have made my possible to always put the correct palette in association with a native IMG name. By the way i am thinking to something, some IMG are loading with different palette but i had to choose one. It is the case of a popup img for example. the one loading with a province palette. Obviously it is the same IMG that will be loaded in all province. But all of them have not exactly the same palette. However you will notice that some colors are the same and this include the index used in this popup. But for the POINTER.IMG the cursor at starting screen for exemple, it has a color there different than the one in character creation (when choosing the race it is black !). Arena gave or will give you some hard time I think ^^

    As i am sure Hallfiry is, i am glad to be useful. We designed our work especially to be used by other not only ourselves. So it is a pleasure to be useful :p

    • I was reading again all this talk and I gave it an other think. The echap menu use pal.col like the game in general but character sheet use charsht.col. So the game have always both palette while it runs. I am wondering what the game do if you integrate a palette like charsht.col in OP.IMG and see if it runs smoothly. Depending on the function used in Arena, the palette should be loaded, then i thinnk the game will still be able to draw normal screen and char screen as before.

      I didn’t integrated this case in BSATool (integrate palette in a native img which had not) but you can use the mod part and trick a little the tool. Since OP.IMG follow the standard IMG, just rename it to make bsatool not reconize it like op.IMG if you want. Then convert it from png (modified according your wishes to fit charstat screen color and all). BSATool should then ask info to create the new file, give offsets of 0 like the original IMG, type IMG, and check “integrate palette”. Then rename back the file to OP.IMG and you should have a op.img with an integrated palette, just need to update it and see what arena do with it.

      Sorry for the post a little messy, but that’s an idea just comming up in my mind. Let me know how it is going. Also send me an email if i am unclear on some point 🙂

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